Hazel-Ann Bio

     Hazel-Ann emerged from her mother’s womb into the universe with a passion for music. At Preschool, every evening before bed, she would put together a rendition of all the songs she eagerly grasped at school while her parents, her audience, cheered on. In fourth grade, her class teacher, allowed the classroom to be her first public stage during free periods. As her vocal and musical aptitude developed, neighbors would constantly enlighten her on how much they were entertained the night before by her powerful voice and the melodic strumming of her father’s accompaniment on guitar.

     Born on the strikingly green and scenic island of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Hazel-Ann’s first performance to an audience significantly larger than that of her parents or classmates and teacher, was at a talent show put together by a youth group and her. At that show she sang songs that represented different genres including R&B, Reggae and Hip Hop. The stage became her home since. Subsequently, she became one of the lead vocalists of a reggae band. Additionally, she sang at beauty pageants and at Dominica’s biggest festival, The World Creole Music Festival.

     Just as she loves singing, almost evenly, the artist shares love for writing and dancing. She has written several songs including her first single “All for Love”. Reggae, R&B and Pop continue to dominate her writing style and melodies. Many know her as someone who hears, feels and dances non-stop to music.

     Now, the singer/song writer calls the United States home. There, she relentlessly finds pleasure in singing, writing and performing in general. Other than singing at a myriad of events in New York, she sang at the Baltimore Art Festival and in Philadelphia. Hazel-Ann is ready to meet the world, ever enthusiastic to set foot on stage and at the same time transmit music that inspires and up lifts the spirit of others.

"Music is a force, a force that moves, controls and more so gratifies. Walk with me on my musical journey as the force that connects us only gets stronger when you and I follow its path together."

– Hazel-Ann

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